May – September      7.30 – 10.00 a.m.

October – April          8.00 – 10.00  a.m.

Restaurant Little Italy

Monday closed

For New Yorkers it is the former Italian district of Manhattan in the USA. Appenzellers associate this name with hospitality, delicious Italian cuisine at fair prices. In the summer months, feast on delicious antipasti, pasta, pizza and dolci on the terrace.


Fondue room "Adlerkeller"

Open in October, December, January & March (THU – SAT)

Where the storage room had been located at Adler Hotel for centuries, friends of the tasteful ambiance enjoy aromatic Fondue and fine wines. We are happy to work with local Chäslade Rahel Manser in town and the Appenzeller Käse Company in Appenzell. In addition to Appenzeller cheese, the Adler mix also includes mild Vacherin, tender Gruyere and a fine dash of Sparkling wine. Enjoy your Fondue!