Closed on New Year's Eve


The historic Adlerkeller is not really a cellar in a classical way. In the late Middle Ages the Adlerplatz (square) in front of the house was about three meters lower and bordered directly on the river. At that time you got straight from the house to the river Sitter. Over the centuries and with the new construction of Metzibrücke (stone bridge built in 1845) the Adlerplatz was “lifted”.

On August 1, 1957, our grandfather Johann Leu-Broger opened the garden terrace after he had “sunk” the Schwarzer Adler (Black Eagle).

According to unconfirmed records, there was already a “vaulted room” with the Bollenstein floor at today’s Adlerkeller around 1490. After the village fire in 1560, the existing house was rebuilt on the foundations of the old building. The Fondue room can accomodate a maximum of 35 people and can be reserved for groups of more than 10 people.


+41 (0)71 787 13 89

Opening times

Thursday, Friday & Saturday 5 - 9 pm open. Reservation is highly recommended.
Open in October, December, January & March

Package: "Melt away like an Appenzeller cheese" - available in Winter

Fondue pleasure for 2 people, bed & breakfast, starting from CHF 210. Also available for groups.

Group offer for 10 or more guests upon appointment

All in for an unforgettable Fondue event: Green salad, Adler Fondue and a scoop of lemon sorbet for CHF 35 per person!


Welcome to the Fondue room! Cheese lovers’ hearts beat faster here. As a special fondue highlight we recommend the house blend – the Appenzeller Standard Fondue. Wonderfully aromatic and spicy, 300 grams of cheese per person. And as a tradition bread and potatoes. En Guete and enjoy your Fondue!


Boža and Franz Leu-Kralj decided in 2009 to open the former storeroom to the public. Within four months, a total of 3m3 of earth was driven out with a carrette, and layers of glass (4cm thick) were placed on a steel frame above the Bollenstein. To the left and right of the glass, strip parquet was laid.