Fondue room

Fondue room "Adlerkeller"

Where for centuries the Hotel Adler near the Adlerplatz has housed the material depot, friends of the dignified ambience enjoy fine Appenzeller cheese fondue variations and exquisite wines. We are delighted to work together with the cheese maker Rahel Manser and the Appenzeller Cheese Association in Appenzell. This much is a secret: The house blend of Appenzeller Fondue also includes Vacherin and Gruyere cheese.

The historic Adlerkeller was rebuilt on the foundations of the previous building after the village fire in 1560. It offers space for a maximum of 35 people and can be reserved for groups.



Welcome to the Fondue room! Cheese lovers’ hearts beat faster here. As a special fondue highlight we recommend the house blend – the Appenzeller Standard Fondue. Wonderfully aromatic and spicy, 300 grams per person. En Guete!


Boža and Franz Leu-Kralj decided in 2009 to open the former storeroom to the public. Within four months, a total of 3m3 of earth was driven out with a carrette, and layers of glass (4cm thick) were placed on a steel frame above the Bollenstein. To the left and right of the glass, strip parquet was laid.