Leisure activities

Hiking, mountain biking and SPA

Hiking & Mountain biking

1’200 kilometres of hiking trails lead through the hilly landscape of the Appenzeller region. The paths are varied and extend over fields, meadows and through forests, past waterfalls and steep Rocks: from the shore of Lake Constance to the Alpstein. It brings you four large cable cars on the Säntis, the Hohe Kasten, the Ebenalp and the Kronberg.

From the brewery square in Appenzell, eight routes lead through the Appenzell hills. These official mountain bike and bicycle routes in the region are marked and explained on the mountain bike map.

The rich flora and fauna react sensitively to spontaneous disturbances. To preserve flora and fauna, the Alpstein and particularly sensitive areas are therefore excluded from mountain biking.

Swimming & SPA

Within a 2 minutes walk from Adlerplatz along the river Sitter you get to the new indoor swimming pool with SPA facilities. Right at the river Sitter. Where there is a magnificient KNEIPP station in a natural stream. A great thing for your metabolism!

Enjoy the peace and quiet and let yourself be pampered – with a soothing massage for example!

Customs and traditions

Alpfahrt, Alpabfahrt & Cattle show

During the summer season, the alpine dairymen and cattle spend a few weeks on the Alps in the Alpstein. From mid-August to the end of September they return to the valley. In many parts of Switzerland, the alpine journey goes on without singing and sound. But in Appenzellerland you often still encounter a colourful alpine run.

The cantonal livestock show takes place every 1st Tuesday in October on the brewery square in Appenzell. To the delight of the numerous spectators standing along the roads, individual farmers will be taking part in the show with all the trimmings of an Alpine tour. Others, however, drive their groomed and cleaned animals to the show with less effort.

Winter sports

The Appenzellerland has a lot to offer in winter. Skiing is one of the most popular sports. In addition to the Ebenalp ski area, which can be reached by cable car, Appenzellerland has numerous smaller ski lifts, which are particularly suitable for children and beginners.

What could be better than hiking through the open fields on snowshoes. Various routes have been prepared for you. Choose the most beautiful one.

Enjoy a day on cross-country skis. In Appenzellerland, cross-country ski trails of various lengths and degrees of difficulty lead through forests, wide meadows and high moors of rare beauty.