TURNTABLE by Roman Signer *1938 Appenzell, Weissbadstrasse 1

The turntable is an attraction that invites people to pause and change direction and perspective, to let themselves drift, to go along and to contemplate. The result is a momentum of its own and events that are constantly changing. With all the action that takes place, the complex radiates far beyond the surroundings of the village structure.

TILTING TABLE by Roman Signer

Attentive spectators can be seen on the Metzi Bridge (Sitter Bridge) on Adlerplatz, eagerly awaiting the recurring event that causes the table installed on the river wall to tilt every few minutes with a strong jet of water. This small patch meadow is idyllic, bordered by the wide river wall and extending in the west to the towering church wall of Saint Mauritius. The emsemple of table and chair made of chrome steel appears harmless standing there. The water jet that sporadically feeds the water back at the river Sitter with full force is an impressive experience.